[Quotes taken from Reverbnation official Crowd Reviews]


“Taunting melody with a sad tone. the vocalist begins with a sweet and innocent voice. She draws you in, then evolves into a fierce and dynamic range which is awesome with a faster tempo. the lyrics are are mildly dark and alluring. makes the listener really think Love this artist and song.”


"The piano and the keyboard start out super strong and the voice is perfect with this kind of melody and music. When the guitar comes in and the drums you can definitely feel the power of this song and how awesome a rock song this really is. The lyrics are easy to hear and her voice makes them even stronger with their meaning. The chorus is catchy and really does rock! The bridge is nice, I love how they focus on her voice and you hear the drummer just barely hit his cymbals, I love that and then you hear the drums only and she gets back into the chorus. A well constructed song I really enjoyed listening to this song and hope to hear it on the radio one day that would be awesome."