[Quotes taken from Reverbnation official Crowd Reviews]

“I liked this from the very beginning. The vocals are very strong and a beautiful voice. I could see this song on a soundtrack for a movie. The lyrics tell a story while still catching attention. I really like the line 'the only thing holding you back is yourself'.  Very beautiful song.”


"A slow and touching piano ballad sounding strain of musical notation starts out this track, making it sound very distinct in mood direction and then the singer sets in with a very forlorn and beautiful vocal style. The way the artist sings sounds very emotionally charged and the level of high pitch is very difficult to maintain often with no error an while sounding strained mildly in some cases, she pretty much aces the lyrics and also sounds artisticly enigmatic. The refrain is visited and repeated throughout the song but its easy to note early into the track that that's a deliberate move because the way the song is constructed is actually very stylish. The later portion of the music builds into and almost army or combative militant sounding nuance, and from that comes a sort of heavy guitar instrumental. The level of skill implemented into the music is actually impressive and it definitely has a very poignant sound that could translate its sentiment to many many listeners, but the song abruptly conclude and that's a little unusual, even if nothing worth complaining about. The entirety of this track is actually fantastic, what with the instrumental and vocal dynamics and the slow build into a more driving beat."