[Quotes taken from Reverbnation official Crowd Reviews]


"Love this rock jam. The vocals are amazing, I love her tone and awesome way she sings these great lyrics. The power in her voice would be hard to match. The music is great this could easily be a huge hit. This track is well put together and done with power and great presence of rocking singer."


"Great song. It had a heavier feel like Three Days Grace, but with vocals like older Paramore. Her voice is much nicer then Haley William's though. It's passionate, and well-adjusted to performance. The guitar was very driving, and very effectively used in conveying the mood of the song. The drums were used very effectively with the addition of more complex rhythms mixed in with the more comfortable ones with are commonly found in rock, giving it a heavier feel. The song is great, and although it might not sell on pop radio, the alt stations, and satellite radio as well as the internet could still make it a popular song."