What People Are Saying About Moxy And The Influence


“RED ALERT TIME!!! …they NAIL the essence of rock. I don’t care about their look, which is fantastic, I care about the way they celebrate the genre with a genuine love which comes across in every note or vocal. So much cookie cutter music bombards us everyday that its like a fantasy vacation when I get to take a ride on a joint that gives me full service. Musicality, suspense, intensity and energy make this group one to watch. #OfficialHype”

- Jerry Doby, The Hype Magazine (Oct 07, 2014)



“Rock music has never sounded better.”

- (Dec 24, 2013)



“I won’t be surprised to see them rise to the top and be a national act.”

- Chuck Ninja, Chuck Ninja Music Blogger (Apr 06, 2014)



"Super rock band with old school 80’s hard rock style mixed with modern day rock, Vocally fantastic, lyrically superb and the music is just pure hard rock. Loving the unique mix of these guys reminds us a lot of Garbage crossed with Courtney Love and Evanescence. Defo one to add to your collection."

- Rockbandom Magazine (Dec 4, 2014)


“The band on everybody’s lips is going to be Moxy and the Influence.”

- Brock Young, PlayStation Home Gazette (Mar 04, 2014)



“Maybe it’s Moxy’s vocal prowess, but I couldn’t help but think Evanescence to compare their style to. Imagine Amy Lee fronting Mötley Crüe!”

- Chuck Ninja, Chuck Ninja Music Blogger (Apr 06, 2014)



“[Vampire Valentine is] an awesome Gothic rock ballad, should be in the Top Ten on Sirius Octane.”

- Stryctnin, PS Home Gazette (Feb 16, 2014)


“A visitor ... suggested that I check this band out. I did, and now, I’m hooked! I think I hear The Donnas for a whole new generation! Well, 3 Donnas and a dude! They only have six songs available through Bandcamp, so, go help these kids out. Buy their songs, and, hopefully, Moxy and the Influence will be releasing their debut album soon. Their official website says: “They might just melt your face, but it will be a great and glorious death.” It will, indeed.”

- Rock Chicks Rule (Dec 12, 2013)



“Some guitarists get hung up on playing perfectly that they stare at the fretboard all night, but not Sydney. The headbanging, the jumps, the pick-flicks, it’s all there! Total star power!”

- Chuck Ninja, Chuck Ninja Music Blogger (Apr 06, 2014)



“Moxy Anne may have given a piece of her heart away in this song, but took a piece of ours as well. This Southern California based band shows strength and passion with their music.”

- Highrise Productions (Jan 18, 2014)



"Moxy Anne is not your typical rock star. She doesn't ooze sex or drugs, but does the rock n roll. Her music is rock n roll with a modern twist. This 16 year-old Costa Mesa native is singing her heart out. With musical influences from her family and bands like Evanescence, Moxy Anne is ready to take the stage the promote individuality and not being afraid of who you are."

- Natalie Meece, Angelic Magazine (Nov 01, 2013)



“Her song, "Take Me Down," a pain-riddled plea for empathy and understanding, driven by crunchy guitars and swift drum kicks, was nominated for the [Hollywood Music in Media] award.”

- Aaron Orlowski, Orange County Register (Oct 22, 2013)