The story of Queen Anne is a sad, haunting tale of a Renaissance England romance gone wrong. If anyone remembers (from their middle school history class) the story of Henry VIII's desperate search for a wife and son? Anne Boleyn was his second wife in that conquest, and she ended up being beheaded for treason, witchcraft, adultery, and several other counts.


Many like to see Anne as either an innocent wife who simply wanted to be queen, or an evil sorcerer who wanted to control the kingdom. Personally, (being a history fanatic) I like to see her as similar to girls in this day and age...she was pushed into a role she didn't want by many people, and tried to do the best she could. She was hurt many times and tried to hold on to what little she had. She ended up hurt in the end. Death.


In the beginning, this song started out simply as a new take on a heavily discussed past topic. However, as I got deeper into the song, it started to speak to me and I realized that it's also about anyone who has ever been hurt mentally, and emotionally, by a relationship.


"It was Queen Anne's Revenge, did what he wanted to do
When he took her joy and tore it in two..."


I would like to take a moment and dedicate this song to any girl, young or old, who has been caught in an abusive relationship and been utterly destroyed. I would like to dedicate it to the ones who gave everything because they thought they would have power in the end. I dedicate this song to the helpless and the hopeless.


To those who think you have no power? The only thing holding you back is yourself \ <3 /