[Quotes taken from Reverbnation official Crowd Reviews]

“I like the guitar in the beginning and also how the drums start playing out of nowhere, I think that was pretty special. I really like her voice, it is very interesting and it has depth to it, it is not boring. I would love to hear this song at like a hard metal concert. I love the melody and the beat of the music, it is really catchy. Also the tempo is fast, it makes me want to rock along with the song, it is honestly such a good song, great job!”


"This guitar riffs and drumming at the start of this song is just great. The rhythm of this song is a total old school rock, love it. The vocals are tough and expressive magic. The singer sounds awesome and the harmonies are perfect. The lyrics are well written. This sounds like what we need more of in music, simple rock, nothing too flashy just a great sound."